Intellectual property & innovation

Also your organisation has certain intellectual property rights. Often IP rights represent essential value of the enterprise or other organisation. Adequate protection, enforcement, contracts and management are vital.

Protection & strategy

Effective protection requires awareness of the possibilities and well-considered choices.

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Infringement & enforcement

Is someone infringing your rights? Or are you accused of infringement? Not doing anything would normally not be the best option.

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Exploitation & collaboration

How to exploit your rights, knowhow and innovative ideas responsibly and cooperate without fear?

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Intellectual asset management

Intellectual assets are valuable and require appropriate maintenance and management.

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News items

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How can we help you?

IP due diligence

You’d better leave (vendor) due diligence investigations to specialists.


Applying a proven method we make an inventory of your current IP portfolio and provide you with recommendations for optimalization.

From idea to exploitation

What needs to be done to enable you to enter into cooperation with others responsibly and exploit your intellectual property rights?

Open innovation & co-creation

We provide you with the necessary contracts to cooperate responsibly without fear for your ownership and IP.