IP litigation

Litigation in IP matters is litigating on the cutting edge. As specialist lawyers we know on what to focus. What are the pitfalls? And which strategy is best for you?

Knowledge, experience and skills are essential to assist you properly in IP matters. This applies if you want to take action against violation of your rights and also when you are accused of infringement.

Violation of your rights

If necessary, we represent yous interests and act against parties that infringe your rights. This may include issues like:

  • piracy / counterfeiting cases
  • patent infringement
  • plant variety rights
  • trademark counterfeit or infringement
  • tradename issues
  • domaingrabbing / cybersquatting
  • copies of product designs
  • copyright piracy
  • slavish imitation
  • software piracy
  • database extraction

The first blow is half the battle. A well-defined strategy is crucial.

We have a full toolbox to take proper action. This may vary from seizure of infringing goods, customs detention at the outer EU borders, descriptive seizure and evidentiary seizure to interim relief and principal proceedings on the merits.

You are accused of infringement

Also if you are the one who is accused of infringing such rights, you can benefit from our services. What applies to taking action against infringement equally applies to the defense against alleged infringement. Once again profound knowledge and experience is required to achieve the best solution for you.

Sometimes this may mean that we can contest the validity of the rights invoked and start a counter-action. In some cases it may also be possible and advisable to invoke a right of your own or to file an application for a right of your own.